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Fathom Twist is an Alaska photography site where Connie Taylor shares her images and videos of Alaska roads and trails, birds, wildlife and other critters. She recently uploaded her videos of the Potter March Trumpeter Swan family.

About Connie

Connie Taylor

Connie Taylor is the photographer / videographer at Fathom Twist and the publisher at Fathom Publishing. Connie arrived in Alaska in 1963 prior to the 1964 Earthquake. She first lived in Anchorage and then moved to Cordova in 1966. She commercial fished for crab, salmon and shrimp in Prince William Sound to 1988. In the mid-1980s, she founded and operated Quick-Draw Printing. This business expanded to include a gift shop/art gallery in 1987. Fathom Publishing was founded in the late 1980s with the publication of Cordova historical books, Alaska poetry and stories.

Connie moved to Anchorage in 1991 and her publishing activities expanded to include legal text books and a national treatise on open meeting laws. Fathom Publishing now concentrates on children's books, fiction and biography.

Use of Images

Images are available with a Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial. Basically this means you may copy, distribute and display these images and derivative works based upon them for non-commercial purposes and with credit to Fathomtwist.com. Please contact us for more details.

Cover image of A Baby Arctic Tern

children's book
a baby tern's life
as he learns
to swim and fly.

See more here including children's activities and videos.

Alaska Roads

Videos of Petersville Road

Video of Funny River Road

Videos of Hatcher Pass Road

Videos of Seward Highway

Whittier Tour and Portage Glacier Road

Anchorage Trails

Video of the Chester Creek Trail from the A Street Bridge to the Unamed Road just west of Arca Drive and East Northern Lights and return.

Alaska Skies

Watch the Clouds Move

Alaska Animals

Black Bear
Alaska Moose
Arctic Ground Squirrel
Alaska Muskrat
American Red Squirrel in Alaska
Snowshoe Hare

Alaska Butterflies

Alaska Insects


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