Bald Eaglet

Raw footage of Bald Eaglet just prior to fledging.

July 15, 2019

Filmed from about 2:45pm to 3:15pm.

Adult Bald Eagle watches the nest from a distant tree top.

July 16, 2019

Filmed from about 12:45pm to 5:45pm.  

00:00 Adult on limb above nest
07:51 Adult preening
16:15 Eaglet on nest rim
17:40 Eaglet wing flapping
18:00 Eaglet behind leaves
18:50 Eaglet wing flapping, jumping
19:00 Eaglet behind branch, in bowl of nest
37:25 Adult Eagle flies away
46:00 Eaglet peeks over rim of nest
1:21:00 Eaglet stretches
1:23:00 Eaglet stands in nest
1:23:30 Eaglet wing flaps
1:24:00 Eaglet carries stick in nest
1:24:15 Eaglet wing flaps
1:27:00 Eaglet jumps out to limb behind leaves
1:35:30 Eaglet wing flaps on limb
1:35:50 Eaglet jumps back to nest
1:37:00 Eaglet back on limb behind leaves
1:37:50 Eaglet wing flaps
1:39:10 Eaglet In bowl of nest
1:41:25 Eaglet on limb behind leaves

July 17, 2019

Filmed from about 5am to 3pm.

00:00 On limb behind leaves
12:50 Jumping
13:30 Poking around in nest
14:50 Back on limb behind leaves
17::00 On limb right of nest
27:30 Adult eagle on nest, eaglet eating
27:52 Adult on upper limp, eaglet eating
40:00 Adult in nest with eaglet, mostly behind leaves
47:40 Adult leaves
48:00 Eaglet feeding
50:06 Eagler wing flapping briefly
50:16 Adult on upper branch
50:24 Eaglet on edge of nest
51:02 Wing flapping
51:40 Eaglet feeding
52:50 Eaglet plays with stick
53:22 Eaglet low in nest bowl, some wing waving
54:56 Eaglet wing flapping, standing in nest
56:00 Eaglet poops
56:15 Eaglet wing flapping
57:16 Eaglet behind leaves
01:04:57 Eaglet and adult on branches to right of nest
01:40:00 Eaglet returns to nest, wing flaps
01:43:07 Eaglet behind leaves

July 18, 2019

Filmed from about 11:30am to 12:40pm and 3:34pm to 4:40pm.

00:00 Eaglet in and on rim of nest running and flapping
27:00 Eaglet hidden in bowl of nest
27:40 Eaglet on limb at right of nest behind leaves
38:30 Angle change, Eaglet still on limb
44:44 Adult Eagle arrives, lands on limb above nest
45:20 Eaglet in nest under adult
46:00 Eaglet runs and flaps
48:00 Eaglet moves to limb on right and flaps
49:12 Adult overlooks the nest
51:28 Eaglet jumps into nest
51:50 Eaglet flaps and then jumps back to limb
54:00 Eaglet flaps on limb and jumps to nest
54:23 Eagles picks up something from nest, feeds
55:15 Adult preens, Eaglet feeds
56:00 Eaglet jumps and flaps
56:30 Eaglet on rim on nest, flapping
57:00 Eaglet goes back to limp on right
01:01:15 Adult stretches, Eaglet flaps on limb
01:01:51 Eaglet jumps back into nest, hides in bowl of nest
01:03:55 Adult preens, Eaglet remains in nest bowl
01:37:42 End of Video

July 18, 2019

Filmed from about 9am to 10am.

Adult Eagle watches from nearby tree.

July 18, 2019

Filmed from about 4:45pm to 6:30pm.

00:00 Adult on limb; Eaglet hidden in nest bowl
28:55 Adult scratches
29:03 Adult stretches and preens; Eaglet still hidden
37:00 Eaglet stretches and flaps, jumps on edge of nest, then moves to branch behind leaves
47:50 Adult preens
48:30 Adjust shakes and stretches
48:50 Adult left nest, Eaglet stays hidden in leaves
59:00 End of Video

July 18, 2019

Filmed from about 7pm to 10pm.

00:00 Adult Eagle lands, Eaglet jumps out
00:13 Eaglet feeds behind leaves, Adult on limb
00:50 Eaglet walks into view, still feeding
24:00 Adult on limb, Eaglet visible behind leaves
24:55 Adult in nest, feeding
26:03 Second Adult lands on limb
26:26 Both Adults on limb, Eaglet behind leaves
26:50 First Adult departs
29:14 Eaglet walks into view
30:00 Eaglet jumps and wing flaps
30:35 Eaglet jumps to limb to right behind leaves
37:00 Eaglet wing flaps behind leaves
38:00 More wing flapping
46:50 Eaglet flaps and jumps into nest
47:00 Eaglet flaps and runs back to limb behind leaves
1:32:04 End of Video

July 19, 2019

Filmed from about 3pm to 6pm.

00:00 Adult on limb over nest, Eaglet on limb behind leaves
00:15 Adult preening on limb
12:20 Adult sitting on limb, Eaglet on limb behind leaves
17:25 Adult preening on limb
20:25 Adult preening on limb
44:20 Adult sitting on limb, Eaglet on limb behind leaves
54:40 Eaglet shakes behind leaves
54:45 Adult flies away
55:19 Eaglet on rim of nest
56:00 Eaglet running in bowl of nest
58:00 Eaglet hiding in bowl of nest
1:07:15 Adult lands on nest
1:09:00 Eaglet and Adult in bowl of nest, feeding
1:09:17 Adult jumps on limb at right of nest, leaves

July 20, 2019

Filmed from about 5:30am to 7am.

00:00 Adult and Eaglet feeding in nest
03:00 Adult jumps to branch over nest, Eaglet on rim
03:18 Adult cleans beek on branch, Eaglet feeding
22:37 Second Adult lands in nest, looks around, then feeds
30:00 Eagle on branch catches bugs
31:09 Eagle on branch flies away
39:00 Adult jumps to branch to right of nest
39:15 Eaglet moved behind leaves
39:40 Adult moves out on branch
40:15 Adult cleans beak
40:20 Adult moves out more, joins other Adult
41:33 One Adult flies away

July 20, 2019

Filmed from about 10am to 11:30am.

00:00 Eaglet in nest behind leaves
00:30 Eaglet jumps to limb to right of nest
2:16 Eaglet flaps, note wing span, jumps to nest
2:33 Eaglet flaps, jumps in nest briefly, climbs back to limb
3:50 Adult lands with fish, Eaglet rushes over, both feed
11:30 Adult jumps to branch above nest, cleans beak
18:30 Eaglet running and flapping
22:10 Adult flies away
22:30 Eaglet in nest behind leaves
22:38 Adult sits at top of nearby Spruce

July 20, 2019 

Filmed from about

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